Timesplitter 1.1 is under development

We recently released Timesplitter, but are already focused on the next version. Beside some little improvements, we will also implement two new features where I would like to tell you more about in this post.


At this moment, Timesplitter is a standalone application which stores all data in its own database. For companies that already have systems which contain that kind of data, this is not very convenient. To avoid tedious copy-pasting scenarios we decided to build an integration platform. So that Timesplitter can integrate with systems you already use and know.

Mobile web registration version

The current time registration client is built for tablets and other touch-PC's. During the design we focused on the fact that those would be used by multiple employees. Smartphones, on the other hand, are used by only one person. The mobile version will stick to that thought.

I really feel that this update would make Timesplitter more complete and efficient. Of course it will take some time for us to implement, but we will release these additions part by part during the next weeks. If you want to be kept informed, you should definitely like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! We will keep you posted!