What is cloud software and what are the benefits for businesses?

The major part of businesses are still using traditional software. Working in the cloud is adopted by more and more companies since the advent of multiple online business software packages. Our time tracking application Timesplitter is also hosted in the cloud. In this blog we will try therefore to explain what cloud software is and what the benefits for companies are to use it.


What is cloud software?

This software, also known as SaaS (software as a service), runs entirely on the internet and can be used through a web browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Only an internet connection is needed to use the software. The customer doesn’t need to purchase the software, but has to close a contract. The SaaS provider then provides installation, maintenance and management of the software.

Various studies have shown that the use of online business software via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is rapidly rising. This is also confirmed by a recent survey by Gartner.


The 15 benefits of business in the cloud

  • 24/7 availability of company data
  • several people (colleagues, customers, suppliers) can connect from different places at the same time
  • business information and processes are also mobile approachable
  • no high upfront license fees
  • no high implementation costs, no customized programs
  • no long deployments
  • subscriptions are mostly monthly cancellable
  • no own IT management required, Saas enterprise is 99.99% available
  • no own IT infrastructure needed such as server systems, cold rooms and storage
  • override and disable users with a few clicks
  • no installations or care of updates in a SaaS environment, everyone works with the same latest version
  • back-up always available, no local storage on server or laptop
  • online ecosystem allowing integration with other online packages is relatively easy
  • all digital, no storage of data in paper files (invoices, bank statements, quotations, purchase orders, etc.)
  • save on accountancy fees (create sales invoices, scan purchase invoices, restore credit through a few clicks)


Time registration on projects

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